A Culinary Journey

Garlic Routes not only provides you with an extraordinary dining experience but also takes you on a journey around the world and back. It's a traveler's cloak that adorns you as you explore different regions along with their unique customs and traditions.

By creating an atmosphere reminiscent of train travel, Garlic Routes takes its guests on an enthralling trip that allows them to indulge in a host of culinary treasures. The journey begins at its tables, where you get a glimpse of culinary cultures from all over the world; as you decide upon a delicacy to regale your palate with, our live kitchen ,situated in our parking area, will leave you mesmerized with the aromas of scrumptious dishes. Made unique by its offering of semi-prepared food, the live-kitchen is ever-ready to roll out fresh dishes at a moment’s notice. Allowing guests to select their own kinds of meat from the display counter, the live kitchen is ready to drum up an enticing meal from fresh fish, mutton, beef and chicken in an instant.

Those with a fetish for an all-encompassing view may dine at our 4000 sq. ft. roof garden, which is equipped with a stage and an array of musical instruments to add that rhythm to their journey. The roof garden is the ideal place for all-round entertainment, be it in the form of singers or dancers, on-stage microphones and speakers forming an integral part of the setup.

To bring in an element of realism, Garlic Routes operates on two air-conditioned floors, one termed the Economy Class and the other named the Premium Class, each with a seating capacity of 100.

So go ahead! Embark on a voyage at Garlic Routes, where the only destination made available to you is the fulfillment of your palate’s desires and the ever-sought-after sensation of bliss.